The Making of the Phoenix T-Shirt

The Phoenix T-Shirt is our meticulously crafted debut release, symbolizing our brand's commitment to excellence and setting the tone for our first collection.

Our intent with the brand is to deliver the utmost quality at an affordable price point, and this philosophy is reflected in the Phoenix T-Shirt. The artwork of the phoenix represents the brand's rebirth and embodies everything we stand for.

The rebirth symbolized by the phoenix rising from the ashes resonates deeply with our brand. We drew inspiration from Friedrich Justin Bertuch's original artwork (1747 - 1822), which was reimagined by Dan and meticulously hand-drawn to align with our minimalist style. The artwork is printed in a captivating purple tone, adding a vibrant pop of color to the design.

The development of the T-Shirt has been an extensive process, involving months of meticulous fine-tuning to achieve its current level of excellence. Crafted from 210gsm soft woven jersey cotton, the fabric provides a luxurious feel. The fit of the T-Shirt is a boxy and relaxed silhouette, meticulously designed to ensure the perfect drape. Every detail has been carefully considered to create a garment that embodies both comfort and style.

The Phoenix T-Shirt, released on 04/08/2022

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