Jewelry - Exploring New Territories

With the funds from BRIJ Black Label. I invested everything into exploring the world of jewelry. I saw that a huge wave of modern bling would resurgence into the surface. That was also a time when Rap music from all over world became the new POP. Rappers, celebrities and much of main stream media personalities started to wear Hip Hop style jewelries.

Took the risk, I went to several jewelry shops in Canal St, New York City to learn the process of jewelry making. After months of discovering new knowledge everyday. I decided to purchase a few molds and make plated jewelry.

In the summer of 2020, I officially launched BRIJ Jewelry. Which consisted of all the most popular styles: cuban link, gucci link, prong cuban, mariner link, tennis & baguettes.

This was a turning point for BRIJ as we ventured into the realm of a new category for the brand. We now were able to produce high quality jewelry that would expand the aesthetic of our brand.

We came to explore many new territories later.

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