Eyewear - Expanding Our Vision

It is inevitable that we will venture into the world of Eyewear. To this day, this is the absolute hardest product and manufacturing territory. A glass may look small, often simple and only a couple of materials. But there is a thousand steps that goes into making it come to life.

Our initial eyewear product were birth from the necessity of the modern world. Spending countless hours in front of a screen everyday. I would look for a shield that would protect my fragile post lasik-surgery pair of eyes. I couldn't find any stylish blue-light blocking glass on the market. So I decided to create my own.

There aren't many factories who makes the highest quality glasses. And most of them are occupied with huge clients from Dior, Ray-ban, Gentle Monster, Oakley, Prada. They also demanded extremely high MOQ (minimum order quantity).

But through sincerity and showed of passion, we were able to work with one of the top eyewear factory in the world located in Hong Kong. This was truly an opportunity for us to expand our vision into a new category.

Our first ever product was a blue-light blocking glass. It is made with the highest quality acetate and the most premium blue-light blocking lens money could buy. We went with a clear frame to preserve but still compliment all of the face's features.

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It’s any glass that had gold colour in it?


I’m really in love with the blue-light blocking glass made by Brij. I’ve missed the chance to buy it when it got released, I was wondering is there any chance to buy it possibly. Thank you!

Leo Pham

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